#1 That much! von Cuba64 30.11.2016 21:49

Hi... I'm new and I can't read or write German or Japanese. Thank google for poor translation.

I've played A-Train Series games through the years and I enjoy them. I've been playing A-Train 9 for a year or so on and off. Just came back to it after a break and enjoying it. I'd read before that the jap version has more content. I have several versions. Started with a download... then after a test... I liked it so I went on Amazon a bought a CD. It arrives and there is less content than the illegal download version. Then 4.0 arrives. More content, been testing it... Now it's time to support the developers.

Wow... that's expensive but I got to do it.

Have a few questions... Does the Jap download from Artdink still work for us outside Japan?

Can I transfer all my content created in earlier/other versions to it?

Does it include English?

All the best,


#2 RE: That much! von Cuba64 01.12.2016 10:47

I have it now... need to work out how to make it English now... can anyone help?

#3 RE: That much! von Cuba64 01.12.2016 19:38

Ok.... Now have it in German...

#4 RE: That much! von 02.12.2016 11:48

I've worked it out after reading through your forum. Thanks :)

I'll post my cvsp.bin once its finished.

#5 RE: That much! von Bahnane 03.12.2016 14:31


Hi cuba,

welcome and sry for that slow reaction^^

If there are any questions left, that you cannot solve by yourself, let us know. Maybe it takes a while, but normally someone will answer.

greetings Bahnane

#6 RE: That much! von Cuba64 03.12.2016 15:04

Thank you :) happy to be here.

I do have one more question... I see people use excel to edit the gametext.csv. I have tried so many times but once csvp.bin is compiled the game won't start.

If I use notepad++ it works fine.

What do I have to do to get the csv to work?

Not sure if it's related to the way I import the csv or the way I save it. There are many options... I've tried a few.

#7 RE: That much! von Cuba64 03.12.2016 15:05

I'm using Excel 2016

#8 RE: That much! von Bahnane 03.12.2016 15:12


I always did it with notepad, because excel doesn´t work for me, too. Sry

But i guess there´s is already a complete english translation existing. I will look for it, maybe i´m wrong.

#9 RE: That much! von Cuba64 03.12.2016 18:03

Thanks very much... Sadly the UK forum seems to have closed. Might be wrong or just haven't found it yet.

I don't mind playing in German... At least I can read it and remember the words. With Japanese it's all from memory.

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