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I posted over in the CSVP.bin file threat in the Downloads section - I'm looking to facilitate an English translation of the game, knowing that most of the English strings are present (even in the German files) and was wondering if someone would be willing to discuss how that process works? I use Notepad++ for editing purposes generally and it appears as though it should work if the german/english strings are swapped, but is this indeed the case? Also, is there a way to automate this process to some degree?


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Hi Metzger,

the english strings come from ArtDink and are either being used in the english version on steam, or for reference included. I usually edit the files with OpenOffice Calc. If you did that, you could try swapping column two and three. (German column and english column.) That should give you the official english version of the translation. I can tell you from experience however that the english version isn't the best there is, so you might need to adjust translations further line by line, for which you could use either the original file or our file and translate it into english via google translate. (That's basicly what we're doing for the german version.)


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Thank you for this!

I did try this trick in OpenOffice Calc, and managed to get it to separate the entries into columns using commas, but it would either delete all quotation marks, or separate numbers (such as 1,000,000) into separate cells or ignore entries that were on multiple lines. Are you aware of any tricks for this method or is it best to edit these more complicated entries manually?

Also a trick I was told by someone who uses Notepad++: For the typical entries that are all on one line, you can use the following in the find/replace dialogue with "regular expressions" checked:





This works for every single entry that occurs on a single line. Multi-line entries still need manual editing.

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The Quotation marks aren't shown, but should still be there. Try swapping columns, saving the file and checking with notepad if quotation marks are still there.

It's possible to do with notepad++ and regular expressions if you include possible newline characters, but that just seems more work.

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I can report that with a combination of these two methods, Gametext has been translated :)

Working on the others now. Given that most of the "comment" files appear to be only partially translated, I'm editing those manually. Seems some speech bubbles and such in the game are controlled by some other file, as well.

Exciting though! :) If it's alright, I may post the final results here in case anyone is looking for them.

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It's certainly a fine idea to post the final results here.

I'll make a short list of all the files containing translations this afternoon.

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Alright - so, progress report:

I've managed to convert everything in Gametext.csv successfully, including the text bubbles that pop up when hovering over buttons.

This works fine except that the areas in the "train" menu where the type of train is displayed under the train name (in the list, for example, under 201-series, "Commuter"..."Commuter" now shows up in-game as "****". Strange.

The issue otherwise is this: When converting Train_Comment.csv, I can get about halfway through with no issues, but if I complete the entire file, save it, compare the original to make sure the lines match...A-Train9 crashes. Every time. Not sure what's going on here. Is there a maximum file size the game is expecting? Or maybe too much text?


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It's probably too much text in one translation, that can crash it.

Not sure why it shows up as ****.

Files that we have touched for translation:


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Okay, so it sounds like maybe the file is getting too large.

I'll have some more time in the coming weeks and will take a second look. Thank you! Will post progress.

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